Cadillac Ranch

4 Sep

A man by the name of Henry grew up in the city of Amarillo, Texas. As a boy the luxurious cars that Cadillac produced fascinated Henry. Henry wasn’t a rich man and he didn’t come from a rich family but Henry had always told himself that he would own many Cadillac’s. One day when Henry was about six, his grandfather, who was a local farmer in Amarillo, told Henry the story of “Jack and the Bean Stock.” When the story was finished, Henry looked at his grandfather and asked where he could get some magic beans. His grandfather told Henry that they were very rare and hard to find, he remembered Henrys fascination with cars, Cadillac’s especially, and went to his car where he had some old spark plugs. Henry’s grandfather told him that he didn’t have any magic beans but that he did have some magic spark plugs. He told Henry not to be fooled by how old and dirty they appeared to be, and that they contained true magic only if he’d believe in them. He also said that they had to be planted at the right time and during the right season. Henry took the spark plugs and thanked his grandfather. Even though Henry did not get his magic beans, Henry appreciated his grandfather’s gesture.


Over the next twenty years, Henry was faced with life’s challenges and hardships. During some of Henrys hardest moments, he would pull out his magic spark plugs, remember the loving gesture his grandfather had made, and always found the strength to push on.


One day Henry was faced with one of life’s hardest lessons, he had just learned of the death of his grandfather and of his newly inherited farm his grandfather left to him. After his grandfather’s funeral Henry took his magic spark plugs to the farm and as a sign of love and respect Henry planted them. Henry stood over them and said with tears falling from his eyes, “Grandpa, I believe this is the right time and the right season.” As the tears hit the ground where the spark plugs were planted, the ground began to shake at Henry’s feet. Suddenly, one by one, Cadillac’s began to sprout out of the ground. These were the last things to grow at his grandfather’s farm. Still to this day, anyone can see them in Amarillo Texas just off of I-40.