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My Big Bro (Final)

13 Dec

My Big Bro (W.I.P.2)

15 Nov

Added projector sound and changed part of the VO.
VO Audio is not final, this is more like a placeholder.

My Big Bro (Work in progess)

13 Nov

Here’s is the first cut. There is no sound yet other than the VO.

“My Big Bro”

5 Nov

“My Big Bro”
A story describing the childhood of an older brother, Samuel,  told by the youngest brother, Miguel.
(Using found footage, video of 8mm film, edited into a narrative piece that will include VO, sound effects, and music.)

A quick reference with using aged film and a VO would be “The Wonder Years.” Kevin Arnold, played by Fred Savage, told his childhood memories as an adult through VO.

Here is a sample clip of the footage


Idea for the story:

The narrator (Miguel, the youngest brother) will tell stories of his oldest brother, Samuel,  that he has heard from their dad, mom, cousins, etc. A collection of stories which will conclude at with the reveal that the Miguel wished he could have met his brother Samuel, before he died. The collection of stories and footage of Samuel is all Miguel has to remember him by.

*I still need to work on the resolution of the story,an ideas?

Menudo Commercial (product name pending)

25 Oct


A man wakes very hung over, he stumbles in to the kitchen. He is shown rubbing his head in pain and the camera zooms into his head and a mariachi is revealed playing a loud trumpet. The camera zooms back out and a can of menudo appears out of thin air, the hung over man then opens the can and a tune begins to play (not sure what yet). Presumably after heating and put in to a bowl the man takes his first bite of the soup and the camera zooms back in to his head where the mariachi is wailing on his trumpet when a Luchador enters and starts to beat the crap out of the mariachi. Zoom back out and the man is starting to show signs of relief from the pain.


A Nice Guy

2 Oct

As his fists clinched tighter and tighter in the pockets of his rough blue jeans, Eric could feel the adrenaline pump from deep inside his body to the outer rigid edge of his fists. “So what? You gonna do something?” the bully aggressively asked. Eric responded with an undetected left hook across the bully’s crooked jaw. Eric’s response was felt throughout the entire school.

As a stereotypical “nice guy,” Eric would put the needs of others before his own, do favors, and was respectful towards those around him. He was generally liked by many and wasn’t really anything special, just a kid going about his day to day. Being freshmen in junior high, most kids had to figure out how to survive their remaining time of their freshman year without being messed with. There were different options of avoiding trouble; one was hanging with a large group, survival by numbers. There was also the option of being friends with everyone including the bullies, but this was hard because most bullies were not quite right. Eric heard his friend Thomas had been thrown in a trashcan, and another friend involuntarily had his underwear revealed to the kids in the cafeteria. Although Eric was happy he had not been victimized, he felt sorry for his friends and he wished someone would do something.

By mid semester Eric was feeling pretty sure nothing would happen to him, he entered the school hallways with a kind of confidence that drew the attention of an unwanted observer. Joey, one of the toughest bullies in the school, which rumors say had a crooked jaw from fights during his time in juvey, noticed Eric’s confidence. As Eric was about to enter his classroom, he found his face being introduced to the cold tiles of the school hallway. When Eric finally realized what had happened he got up and confronted Joey. “What did you do that for?” Eric nervously asked. “ You got a problem,” said Joey, eagerly awaiting a response in anticipation of a fight. Eric cowardly said, “no, no problem” as he walked to his seat.

All day he had replayed the confrontation in his mind, disregarding his teacher’s lessons. Not knowing how it felt to be a victim of a bully, Eric had realized the pain and shame he and the other victims had felt. In his mind, he could have seen Joey’s attempt to trip him and kicked his leg out of the way or even hopped over it with a Jackie Chan-like leap. On his way home that day, Eric decided that an incident like this would never happen to him or anyone else again, and at that moment Eric vowed to confront this bully and all other bullies that tried to hurt others.

Soon after his decision, Eric knew he had to prepare himself for his upcoming conquests so he had studied from the best teachers he ever knew. He watched Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Van Damne movies and especially Rocky I-VI. He watched and examined the movements of the fighting techniques mimicking their every move. After a few weeks Eric felt confident enough to confront Joey.

As Eric entered the school that day, he felt confidence like never before. Eric was not carrying any books, for he had only one class today and he was the teacher. As he entered the halls to the main building of his school, Eric spotted Joey in the distance pushing around a couple of kids. With the confidence of Cuck Norris and the Swagger of Rocky, Eric walked right up to Joey and said, “I don’t appreciate how you tripped me the other day, and as a matter of fact I don’t like how you treat others around here either.” With a look of shock on Joey’s face, he took a moment and said, “So what? You gonna do something?” Just as Joey responded, Eric smirked and cocked back his right fist…

“Who You Know”

18 Sep

In a small town in Los Angeles, it’s pretty typical to have gangs roam around your area, especially when your house is literally across the street from the projects. I didn’t hang out with any gangs growing up but we all knew each other from around the neighborhood and we normally didn’t bother each other.

I grew up playing baseball at a local field where most of my friends from school played. By the time I got to high school I had stopped playing ball but I did hang out with most of the kids I played ball with, the others had either moved away or fell in with other crowds. I wasn’t popular nor was I a loner, but I knew different people from all clicks of the school. Walking down the halls between classes, I would say hi to people here and there, especially the girls.

One day was when I was walking home with a friend, when all of a sudden we were aggressively approached by a couple of cholos from a near by gang. They were harassing us about where we were from and what set we claimed, pushing and getting in our faces. My dad taught me to not throw the first punch, he said to wait for the other person to swing, then let them have it! My friend and I weren’t as big as them but we still didn’t back down. We continuously told them that we weren’t from any gang or set, as they called it. I’m not gonna lie, I was scared, but if we had to throw down, I know we were ready. Our chests were puffed and our fists were clinched preparing ourselves for a fight that was swiftly approaching. The gangsters didn’t let up, until one of them recognized me. He and I knew each other from when we were kids, playing ball at that old baseball field. When he finally figured out who I was, he dropped the tough guy act and told his homie to forget it, and they just left. This was the first time I was hit up by anyone from a gang. I’d like to think that we didn’t coward out and that we stood strong. But had I not known that guy from little league, I’m sure the story would have turned out differently and similar to what I found out the next day. A couple of other kids were beat up by the same cholos a few blocks away from where we got hit up. Those kids got really messed up, one of them even went to the hospital for a concussion. I guess it goes to show you, “it’s all about who you know.”

The End.


In a small town of Los Angeles, a boy grows p around gangs. He played baseball with friends at school, during high school he got to know more people and still talked with most of the old baseball buddies. One day as he and a friend walked home they were harassed by gangsters and almost got into a fight, but because one of the gangsters was an old baseball buddy who recognized the boy, the gangsters went on their way and the fight was obverted.


Exposition: explanation of knowing people and living around gangs.

Conflict: When they are approached by gangsters.

Climax: When the gangster realizes that they were friends and had played ball back in the day.

Falling Action: When knowledge of the other kids were beat up.

Resolution: When the story ends with the saying “It’s all about who you know.”