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My Big Bro (W.I.P.2)

15 Nov

Added projector sound and changed part of the VO.
VO Audio is not final, this is more like a placeholder.


My Big Bro (Work in progess)

13 Nov

Here’s is the first cut. There is no sound yet other than the VO.

“My Big Bro”

5 Nov

“My Big Bro”
A story describing the childhood of an older brother, Samuel,  told by the youngest brother, Miguel.
(Using found footage, video of 8mm film, edited into a narrative piece that will include VO, sound effects, and music.)

A quick reference with using aged film and a VO would be “The Wonder Years.” Kevin Arnold, played by Fred Savage, told his childhood memories as an adult through VO.

Here is a sample clip of the footage


Idea for the story:

The narrator (Miguel, the youngest brother) will tell stories of his oldest brother, Samuel,  that he has heard from their dad, mom, cousins, etc. A collection of stories which will conclude at with the reveal that the Miguel wished he could have met his brother Samuel, before he died. The collection of stories and footage of Samuel is all Miguel has to remember him by.

*I still need to work on the resolution of the story,an ideas?