“Who You Know”

18 Sep

In a small town in Los Angeles, it’s pretty typical to have gangs roam around your area, especially when your house is literally across the street from the projects. I didn’t hang out with any gangs growing up but we all knew each other from around the neighborhood and we normally didn’t bother each other.

I grew up playing baseball at a local field where most of my friends from school played. By the time I got to high school I had stopped playing ball but I did hang out with most of the kids I played ball with, the others had either moved away or fell in with other crowds. I wasn’t popular nor was I a loner, but I knew different people from all clicks of the school. Walking down the halls between classes, I would say hi to people here and there, especially the girls.

One day was when I was walking home with a friend, when all of a sudden we were aggressively approached by a couple of cholos from a near by gang. They were harassing us about where we were from and what set we claimed, pushing and getting in our faces. My dad taught me to not throw the first punch, he said to wait for the other person to swing, then let them have it! My friend and I weren’t as big as them but we still didn’t back down. We continuously told them that we weren’t from any gang or set, as they called it. I’m not gonna lie, I was scared, but if we had to throw down, I know we were ready. Our chests were puffed and our fists were clinched preparing ourselves for a fight that was swiftly approaching. The gangsters didn’t let up, until one of them recognized me. He and I knew each other from when we were kids, playing ball at that old baseball field. When he finally figured out who I was, he dropped the tough guy act and told his homie to forget it, and they just left. This was the first time I was hit up by anyone from a gang. I’d like to think that we didn’t coward out and that we stood strong. But had I not known that guy from little league, I’m sure the story would have turned out differently and similar to what I found out the next day. A couple of other kids were beat up by the same cholos a few blocks away from where we got hit up. Those kids got really messed up, one of them even went to the hospital for a concussion. I guess it goes to show you, “it’s all about who you know.”

The End.


In a small town of Los Angeles, a boy grows p around gangs. He played baseball with friends at school, during high school he got to know more people and still talked with most of the old baseball buddies. One day as he and a friend walked home they were harassed by gangsters and almost got into a fight, but because one of the gangsters was an old baseball buddy who recognized the boy, the gangsters went on their way and the fight was obverted.


Exposition: explanation of knowing people and living around gangs.

Conflict: When they are approached by gangsters.

Climax: When the gangster realizes that they were friends and had played ball back in the day.

Falling Action: When knowledge of the other kids were beat up.

Resolution: When the story ends with the saying “It’s all about who you know.”


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